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Outward investment activity reports that the Investor shall make

Outward investment activity means an investor transferring investment capital from Vietnam to a foreign country, the Investor uses profit obtained from such investment capital to carry out outward investment activities in the foreign country. The Investor in Vietnam besides complying with the laws of the countries or territories that receive investment, also complies with the…

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Type of enterprises in Vietnam

According to the current Law on Enterprise, Vietnam has 05 types of enterprises including: One-member limited-liability company, Multiple-member limited liability company, Joint-stock company, Sole proprietorships, and Partnerships. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so depending on the needs of the individual and organization wish to establish will choose the appropriate type. This table below will generalize the characteristics of different types…

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Some notices when investors want to bring their family go to investment country – Vietnam (series 3)

13. What applications do investor’s children need to prepare to move to Vietnam school? – Admission application which signed by parents; – Resume summary; – Copy and Vietnamese translation of necessary certificates (evidence or confirmation from the competent and authority of the country sending the training is required); – Transcript or school confirmation of academic…

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Some notices when investors want to bring their family go to investment country – Vietnam (Series 2)

Continuing Series 1 – Some notices when investors want to bring their family go to investment country – Vietnam, foreign investors and NTLaw will further explore the aspects related to foreign investors engaging in business activities in Vietnam. 7. Agency, processing time for procedures of granting Business Registration Certificate? – After preparing the application, investors…

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Enterprise FDI performs periodic reports on investment activities in Vietnam

Enterprises foreign investment, when operating in Vietnam, must perform 5 types of investment reports each year. A. Reports on invesment activities in Vietnam[1]   Periodic reports on a quarterly basis Periodic reports on an annual basic Report form Form A.III.1 Form A.III.2 Report time Before dates April 10th; July 10th September 10th; January 10th the…

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Procedure for opening a direct investment capital account in Viet Nam

Question: I am a foreigner having American nationality. I want to set up a business in Viet Nam to make an investment. As far as I know, investing in Viet Nam requires opening an account, called an investment capital account, to conduct money transfers and prepare for investment activities. So, to open that account, what…

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