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Consular legalization of foreign degrees in Viet Nam

Question: Hello! I have an American friend named Mark. Mark is currently living in Viet Nam and he needs to use a US-issued college/university degree to get a work permit. I would like to ask what procedures do Mark need to do in order for a college/university degree issued in the U.S. to be used…

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What applications do investor’s children need to prepare to move to Vietnam school?[1]

– Admission application which signed by parents; – Resume summary; – Copy and Vietnamese translation of necessary certificates (evidence or confirmation from the competent and authority of the country sending the training is required); – Transcript or school confirmation of academic results from previous classes (plus a Vietnamese translation with authentic evidence); – Health certificate…

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What are the conditions for my child to transfer school to study in Vietnam?[1]

When your child under 18 years of age is granted the temporary residence card to visit relatives, you need to have these conditions to transfer school for your child: Firstly, certificate conditions. The investor must provide diplomas and graduation certificates with an educational level equivalent to the educational level in Vietnam  Secondly, healthy conditions. Before…

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