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To become teacher without pedagogy degree in Viet Nam?

To become teacher without pedagogy degree in Viet Nam?

Original article in Vietnamese To become teacher without pedagogy degree in Viet Nam

Situation: Hello everyone, I am a final year student majoring in French – English language. I want to be a secondary school teacher of foreign languages, but I don’t have a pedagogy degree. May I ask if I can apply to a secondary school to be a teacher?

Thank you for being concerned, Nghiep Thanh Law would like to give an answer as follows:

Currently, the standard degree level of training to become a secondary school teacher include:[1]

– Bachelor’s degree in teacher training;

– Bachelor’s degree in major relevant to the major chosen to become a teacher and a certificate of professional pedagogy training.

To answer your question, current law does not require a pedagogical student to be a teacher. It is possible to become a teacher through a certificate of pedagogy.

Thus, you can study major discipline (Information technology, foreign language, etc.) at university and then take examination(s) to get a certificate of pedagogy. From there, you can apply to the secondary school where you want to become a teacher.

However, for a bachelor’s degree with a relevant major discipline, it is important to note the following requirements:

– Your major must be one of the subjects of the secondary school curriculum;[2]

– You are fully aware of your aspiration and desire to become a teacher.[3]

How to get a certificate of pedagogy?

A certificate of professional pedagogy is issued to people trained by educational institutions of teacher training[4]: pedagogical schools, educational institutions with faculty of pedagogy, educational institutions licensed to train teachers .

Recently, professional pedagogical training institutions such as: Hanoi University of Education, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, National Center for professional pedagogy, etc.

Training institutions will post enrollment information on websites, fanpages or readers can go to training institutions to inquire more about training information about the certificate of professional pedagogy.[5]

A secondary school branching program includes[6]:

– General module: 17 credits

– Branching module (module for in-depth study of professional teaching): 17 credits

Note, when choosing disciplines in the branching module, you need choose disciplines (9 credits) corresponding to their major discipline.[7]

Depending on the learning conditions and circumstances, the learning method can be face-to-face or a combination of face-to-face and online (blended).[8]

A certificate in professional pedagogy requirements

After the registration for a professional training class, follow the curriculum designed, after each module, you will take examinations to learn the next module.

If the total score of your modules is above 5 and you are a diligent student, you will be issued a certificate of pedagogy.[9]

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Translator: Le Khanh Linh

Content writer: Le Kim Bao Ngoc

Instructor: Nguyen Linh Chi

Admin: Lawyer Thuan

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