3 Tháng Mười Một, 2023

What application does investors need to prepare for granting the temporary residence ĐT?

– Official dispatch requesting temporary residence card for foreigners

– Application form for temporary residence card for foreigners

– Document introducing the seal and signature of the authorized person of the guarantee organization

– Orginal passort


1. Duration of passport has at least 13 months;

2. If investors have previously been granted the temporary resident card ĐT, the investors need to submit plus the current temporary residence card

– Documents evidencing the investors who is implementing the projects in Vietnam, like as investment certificates; business registration certificate; seal sample registration certificate or written notice of posting information about the enterprise’s seal sample on the National Business Registration Portal.

– Referral letter for Vietnamese employees to apply for a temporary residence card at the Immigration Department

– Confirmation of temporary residence registration or temporary residence registration book of foreigners that has been confirmed by the police of the commune, ward or town where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam

– 02 Photo sized 2x3cm

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