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When an investor lives in an apartment or house, do they need residence registration?

1. In the first case: if you rent individual house or apartment in city:[1]

You don’t need to care about this procedure, because the person directly managing and operating the accommodation establishment (collectively called the lessors) will declare temporary residence with the police of the commune, ward, town or police station where the accommodation establishment within 12 hours (for other areas), within 24 hours (for remote areas) from the time the foreigner arrives at the accomodation facility.

2. In the second case: if you buy apartment or individual houses in housing construction investment projects:[2]

When buying an apartment or individual house in an area where investment is allowed, investors need to pay attention to the quantity they own and the term of ownership. Accordingly, investors can only own no more than 30% number of apartments in an apartment building; If it is an individual house or a townhouse, in an area with a population equivalent to a ward-level administrative unit, no more than 250 houses can be owned. The ownership termination is not more than 50 years from the date of issuance of the Certificate and can be extended

As for registering temporary and residence registration in the owner place, the law is not obligation for owner (investors) to declare.

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[1] Article 33 Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014

[2] Article 119, Article 159.2, Article 161.2 Housing Law 2014

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